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PCB layout & Design

Mutil-layer PCB - 1-16 Layer PCB and PCB Assembly Manufacturer!

        Since1998, 25 Year Experience professional Electronics Manufacturing Service (OEM/ODM) partner!
one station service from PCB,PCBA, molds, plastic injection, CNC enclosure, metal parts to final product assembly! we also provide the PCB layout design service, schematic design, gerber file and bom, PCB circuit board, PCB build and PCBA assembly services.


        Golden Weald  provide PCB design to a growing market place of high speed PCB design requirements. We were able to focus on high speed, high density, hand routing. We support all our customers that require high speed and high density design in the shortest lead time with our hand routing capability.

      Experience in Design of Golden Weald:

      The designers at GoldenWeald hold the kind of experience in the field that cannot be rivaled. They are fully proficient in a variety of PCB designs, from single sided to double sided and multi layered, flexible circuits which incorporate digital, analogue and microwave. With the software and knowledge GoldenWeald designers have, we are confident that whatever the design, we are more than adequately equipped to be able to exceed your design and performance expectations.


         Design includes:

  1. The Golden Weald Cost Advantage for PCBs includes:
  2. Lower prices for our customers by selecting the best fit factory for each technology and volume required
  3.  Very competitive pricing on small volume and fast lead-time requirements
  4. Cost saving for our customers through lower import freight costs achieved by leveraging considerable group spend
  5. Cost saving and service benefit for customers with our ability to buffer or consign stock without increased prices, being part of the financially strong Rebound Group
  6.  Cost benefit as we don’t need to inflate prices to our customers on imported PCBs to subsidize an under utilized European PCB factory which many of our competitors do! 

           The Golden Weald Service Advantage for PCBs includes:

  1. Technologies from single sided through to 36 layers catered for
  2. Fast turn lead times available – PCBs produced as quickly as 24 hours
  3. Standard production lead times from 7 working days, delivered from Asia to European customers in just 10 working days
  4.  More than 85% of RFQ’s quoted within 24 hours
  5. Full data processing and control through in house engineering team
  6.  Finished product quality inspection and in house vacuum sealing facility
  7.  Unique supply chain and inventory management solutions tailored specifically to customer demand profiles

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Our Capabilities Encompass The Full Design Flow From Start To Finish Including:
  1.   Micro BGA / Micro Via / Blind and Buried Vias
  2.   Rules Driven Designs
  3.   Schematic Capture
  4.   Library Development
  5.   Database Construction and Verification
  6.   Signal Integrity/Design Verification
  7.   EMI Checking
  8.   Full Document Package Creation

       We are fully licensed and utilize industry leading tools, including Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, Mentor’s PADS, Altium, Valor for DFM Analysis.