We Work With Global electronic Industries!

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Golden Weald Electronic Co., Limited was a professional PCB PCBA manufacturer in Electronics Manufacturing Services(OEM/ODM) field for consume electronics Products and Industrial electronic product base in ShenZhen China. 

Since1998,Golden Weald grows into a first-class manufacturer that could provide SMT ,contract manufacturing, electronic OEM/ODM, China PCB Assembly, PCB PCBA ,electronics turnkey Assembly, PCB board assembly, Printed circuit board Assembly, PCBA Assembly in china, electronic PCBA manufacturer, PCBA OEM,PCB Assembly services, Wireless charger OEM/ODM,Final Product Assembly as one unit.

We Work With Global electronic Industries!

We Help Build On Past & Prepare For Your Future.

Golden Weald was the ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 Certificate factory with 25 year experience, most of the engineer over 20 years experience work with SAMSUNG,SONY, DELL,LG,DAIKIN from Fortune 500 enterprise of the world.  to choose a PCB PCBA manufacturer with OEM/ODM services in china, golden weald is your first choice.

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High security requirements and are certified to highest local.

100% Satisfaction

Building projects impressive list of long-term clients.

Professional Staff

Involves of unknown risks and challenging regulations.

ISO9001:2008 Certificate, Professional and Qualified
TS16949:2009 Certificate, Accurate Testing Processes
Work With All The Major Industry Suppliers

We provide PCB, PCBA,molds, plastic injection, CNC enclosure, to final product !


Projects & Residentials Completed in 2022

Yet those that embrace change are thriving, building bigger, better, faster, and stronger products than ever.

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You are helping lead the charge; we can help you build on your past and prepare future changing faster.

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Industrial Construction operator providing full range of service in the sphere of Civil Construction.

Years Of Experience In electronic Industry

Since its foundation the company has doubled its turnover year on year with our experienced staff.

Providing Full Range Services And Solutions Worldwide.

- PCB Layout Design
- Gerber file and BOM
- PCB Assembly
- Electronic Product OEM/ODM
- ID Design
- Mechanic Design
- Mechanic Sample & Prototype Prepare
- Tooling/Molds build
- Plastic part Injection
- CNC enclosure
- Packing Design
- Switching Power Supply
- Final Product Assembly ......
With any financial product that you buy, it is important that you know you are getting the best advice from a reputable company as often you will have to provide sensitive.
With any financial product that you buy, it is important that you know you are getting the best advice from a reputable company as often you will have to provide sensitive.
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Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.
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Golden Weald 1-16 layer industrial Electronic PCB OEM services:

Designing and engineering top-quality solutions for world-class products is our mission. We have the expertise and track record for delivering projects in conjunction with our customers’ engineering teams as well as turn-key projects.
        From concepts to complete turn-key products, we work with our clients to design and deliver the right solutions for the product requirements.

铝基电路板 – Aluminum PCBs
陶瓷基板 – Ceramic PCBs
铜基板 – Copper PCBs
双面双接触柔性板 – Double access flexible PCBs
双面电路板 – Double-sided PCBs
双面柔性板 – Double-sided flexible PCBs
FR-4电路板 – FR-4 PCBs
柔性电路板 – Flexible PCBs
高频板 – High frequency PCBs
高密度多层电路板 – High-density multilayer PCBs
沉金电路板 – Immersion gold PCBs
沉银电路板 – Immersion silver PCBs
化锡电路板 – Immersion tin PCBs
阻抗控制电路板 – Impedance control PCBs
铁基板 – Iron PCBs 无铅喷锡电路板 – Lead free HAL PCBs
多层电路板 – Multilayer PCBs
多层柔性板 – Multilayer flexible PCBs
OSP电路板 – OSP PCBs PCB层压板 – PCB laminates
PCB板隔离柱 – PCB spacers & supports
聚酰亚胺电路板 – Polyimide PCBs
PCB 快板 – Quick-turnaround PCBs
软硬结合板 – Rigid-flex PCBs
单面电路板 – Single-sided PCBs
单面柔性板 – Single-sided flexible PCBs
分层柔性板 – Split flexible PCBs
聚四氟乙烯电路板 – Teflon PCBs
超薄电路板 – Ultrathin PCBs