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Golden Weald HDI PCB Capacities-HDI PCB assembly PCBA manufacturer

High density interconnect(HDI) PCB, one of the fastest growing technologies in printed circuit boards, have higher circuitry density compared to universal circuit boards. We are committed to providing high quality and reliability HDI printed circuit board manufacturing service to customers with cheap price and quick turnkey.   

HDI PCB Design
HDI PCB Manufacturing Capacities
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HDI PCBs always contain laser & NC drilling blind vias, buried vias, stack vias, stager vias, skip vias, step vias, through holes, fine lines and spaces, sequential lamination, Via-in-Pad technology and often with microvias diameter not more than 6mil, and etc.

HDI PCB Manufacturing Capacities:

china PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly from china shenzhen Golden Weald Electronic Co., Ltd, 25 years old factory.

Item Typical Value Advanced Production
Layer Count 4-16 Layers 4-24 Layers
PCB Thickness 0.6-1.0mm 0.6-3.2mm
Buid Up Technology I+N+I (i≥1) Any layer innterconnected
Min. Laser Drilling Diamter 4mil (0.1mm) 3mil (0.075mm)
Laser Technology CO2 Laser Machine CO2 Laser Machine
Glass Transition (Tg) 130/150/170°C 130/150/170°C
Hole Copper 12-18μm 12-18μm
Impedance Control +/-10% +/-7%
Layer to Layer Registration +/-3mil +/-2mil
Solder Mask Registration +/-2mil +/-1mil
Min. Trace Width/Spacing 3/3mil 2.0/2.0mil
Min. Annular Ring 2.5mil 2.5mil
Min. NC Drilling Diameter 8mil (0.2mm) 6mil(0.15mm)
Min. Micro Via 4.0mil 3.0mil
Min. Build-up Dielectric Thickness 3.0mil 2.0mil
Max. Micro Via Pad 12mil 10mil
Max. Micro Via Aspect Ratio 0.8:1 1:1

HDI Boards Design Rules:

Item Capacity Advanced
Base Copper 9-18μm 3-18μm
Min. Trace Width for Outer Layer 3mil 2.5mil
Min. Trace Spacing for Outer Layer 3mil 3mil
Min. Trace Width for Inner Layer 3mil 3mil
Min. Trace Spacing for Inner Layer 3mil 3mil
Microvia Size 4mil (0.1mm) 3mil(0.075mm)
Min. Microvia Landing Pad Microvia Size + 8mil(0.2mm) Microvia Size + 6mil(0.15mm)
Min. Microvia Pad Microvia Size + 8mil(0.2mm) Microvia Size + 8mil(0.2mm)
Min. NC Drilling Diameter 8mil(0.2mm) 6mil(0.15mm)
Min. Pad Size Drilling Size + 12mil(0.3mm) Drilling Size + 10mil (0.25mm)
Dielectric Thickness 2-4mil 2-5mil

Common used HDI PCB Stackups as below for reference:


HDI PCB PCBA Assembly in china
china HDI PCB PCBA assembly
china HDI PCB PCBA assembly


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