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how to find a good PCB assembly & PCBA manufacturer?

how to find a good PCB assembly & PCBA manufacturer? 
    Many of the customer and hardware manager are very upset how to find a good PCB assembly manuafacturer in china & PCBA manufaturer in china for their project, there are many different EMS factory in china, how to choose a better one?
For the long term business partner I have to tell you the truth in the EMS field then you can avoid the risk to work with China factory:
1.Component sourcing:
   Many china factory use the old or renew chipset in order to reduce the price then get the order from you, such as an LATTICE FPGA, Last time One of the supplier quote is only $10.00, but we buy from Arrow is over $35.00, 1 board use 2 FPGA will over $50.00 different, it is very big different, other chipset such as the AD and STDP, they are also same as FPGA, if they not use the old or renew chipset, why so many price different ?
   So not only the price is important, better quality and reliability is most important too!The important is they use the old or renew chipset but you don’t know, it seems same as the original from the chipset surface, not the professional engineer in this field they can’t distinguish old or new and original;
Golden Weald never use any of the old or renew chipset for any of the customers.

2.Component spec:
   1) Someone use the resistor is 5%-10% tolerance, it will some function problem and cause your product danger ; special some of the people even pick up the resistor from the old boards, golden weald use all the resistor is 1% tolerance.
   2) Capacitor use the Z (-80% +20%) tolerance , and they will use the lower voltage capacitance but you can’t know from the boards, it is no any voltage remark on the capacitor,
   because it is very cheaper, and you can’t differentiate it on the PCBA; too big tolerance capacitor will cause the LRC circuit problem in your boards, if 50V or 100V capacitor they use the 6.3V or 10V, do you think your product will have the good quality and good reliability ?
GOLDEN WEALD use all the capacitor is same as your bom SPEC, All chip capacitor is over 50V and the tolerance is 5%.
   3)The inductor, someone use the cheaper inductor, the spec is not same as your bom list, the DC resistance(DCR)is very bigger than the original brand; so the power circuit will become big current, the inductor will very hot, then the power circuit will big problem, if 3.3V become 3V or 2.5V, your boards will not work normally.

   Fellow GOLDEN WEALD, we will send you our test instruction with our professional test equipment, then you will find Golden Weald is how profession with any of the component in the EMS field.

   4)Diode and transistor, some of them use it made in a very small Chinese factory, use the cheaper material, not use the manufacturer and brand from your bom. Someone have the same remark on the top but you never know it is original or small brand with lower quality.
  5)Tant capacitor, some of the use the cheaper tant capacitor and the ESR is very big, then the power circuit will big problem, if 1.2V become 1V or 0.5V so your board power circuit is not work well.
3.Component and PCBA price:
   If they use the above lower quality component but you don’t know, so they save cost but you use a cheaper price with lower quality PCBA supplier
4.Sample evaluate and Testing:
   Many factory in order to get the orders from you, they will use some good source component, after you order them, they will use the cheaper component, because they have to get margin, so you have to find a long term business partner like Golden Weald, sample with same as the mass production, component source is also same, then you will don’t worry any of the quality issue in the mass production. 
5. Production Testing:
     many of the factory is young sales and some young engineer, they don’t know how to test the PCBA, not like golden weald engineer, most of them work with SAMSUNG, dell, SONY, philips so many TOP500 customer over the world, most our engineer is over 20 year experience in PCB PCBA field.

6. …………
   We still have too many solution tell you how to find a good EMS supplier in china, follow Golden Weald or Follow me, you can find more detail every day.


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